App Development


Perpetual Yogis on Apple TVOS: A Milestone in Our Journey

In September 2021, we reached a pivotal moment in our quest to bring the joys and benefits of yoga to a wider audience. Our Apple TVOS app, "Perpetual Yogis" became a reality, serving as a window into diverse yoga experiences and traditions.


 Why Apple TV:

Apple TV, with its high-quality visual and audio capabilities, served as the perfect platform for us. It allowed us to deliver a polished, interactive experience right into people's living rooms, transforming their television into a virtual yoga studio.


A Multifaceted Experience:

The app was designed to offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced yogis. It featured a range of guided sequences, meditation practices, and informational content, bringing the wisdom and serenity of yoga within reach of anyone with an Apple TV.


Lessons Learned:

Although the app has been taken down as of May 2022 for further improvements and the development of our upcoming VR experience, the insights we gained have been invaluable. The usage data and user feedback we collected have informed every step of our ongoing journey into VR development.


What's Next?

While "Perpetual Yogis" served its purpose as a remarkable market research tool and an accessible yoga platform, our next venture aims to take this to a whole new level. We're now channeling the knowledge and experience gained into creating a groundbreaking VR Yoga app, set to redefine the way you experience yoga.

More to come soon...