Total Immersion: Why a VR Yoga App Might Elevate Your Practice

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Practicing yoga in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment can offer several unique benefits for the body, many of which are extensions of traditional yoga practice but with added elements facilitated by newer VR technology. Here are some key points:


Enhanced Focus:

VR can create an immersive experience that eliminates external distractions. This can help you focus more intently on your postures, breathwork, and movement, potentially leading to a deeper and more effective practice.


Customizable Environments:

The ability to customize or select different virtual environments, like tranquil beaches or serene forests, can elevate the mood and provide a setting that can help with relaxation and stress reduction, augmenting the already potent stress-relieving benefits of yoga; version one of this project will not have that feature, but will roll out after the launch and feedback responses.  


Visual and Auditory Aids:

The interactive nature of VR can provide real-time feedback on your posture or technique. This can be especially beneficial for beginners who are still learning the ropes. Auditory aids like voice commands or soothing music can also be integrated seamlessly, along with vibration from the controllers.  


Increased Accessibility:

For those who may feel intimidated by a traditional yoga class setting, VR offers a private space to practice at one's own pace, lowering barriers to entry for yoga newbies.


Motivation and Engagement:

The gamified elements that can be introduced in a VR yoga setting can make the practice more engaging and motivate individuals to stick with it, helping to make yoga a consistent habit.


Body Awareness:

While VR yoga can offer several unique benefits, it's also worth noting the importance of maintaining a balanced practice. Physical touch and real-world interaction in a physical yoga class also offer benefits that VR cannot entirely replicate. As with any fitness routine, consult healthcare providers before starting new physical activities, especially if using VR equipment, as the immersive experience can sometimes cause disorientation or motion sickness for certain individuals.

Even without motion tracking, a well-designed VR Yoga App can offer a multitude of benefits to users that extend beyond the scope of traditional yoga apps or classes. While motion tracking can add another layer of interactivity and personalization, its absence doesn't negate the numerous other benefits that a well-crafted VR Yoga app can offer.


Immersive Experience:

VR provides a fully immersive environment, allowing users to escape to serene landscapes or calming settings, which can aid in relaxation and stress relief.


Guided Instructions:

Through spatial audio and visual cues, users can still receive guided instruction, helping them achieve correct postures and understand the flow of various yoga sequences.



Not everyone is comfortable practicing yoga in a group setting. VR Yoga apps offer the privacy and convenience of practicing at home without missing out on the guided instruction typically found in a class.  However attending a real yoga studio or similar environment where others are present with you doing yoga will always be better in my option.


Flexibility and Convenience:

Users can practice yoga anytime and anywhere, removing logistical barriers like commute time to a yoga studio or class schedules.



For people who live in areas without easy access to yoga studios or for those who have mobility issues that make attending a traditional yoga class challenging, VR Yoga can bring the yoga studio experience into the comfort of their home.

Transitioning to the Next Level: Our Journey to Virtual Reality Yoga(VRY)

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Dear Followers,

Back on 8 Sept 2021, we started our journey with a simple goal, to revolutionize the way people experience yoga through the current availible technology.

As part of our commitment to innovation and excellence, we took down the initial app on May 2022 to pave the way for something new and truly groundbreaking.  After months of research and feedback, it became clear that the next frontier for us is Virtual Reality (VR). 


Why the Shift to VR?

Virtual Reality offers an immersive environment where we can push the boundaries of what's possible in yoga practice. Imagine not just doing yoga, but being transported to tranquil and inspiring settings as you practice, deeply enhancing your experience and focus. 


Market Exploration:

Our first app on Apple TV was more than just a service; it was an essential market research tool that offered us valuable insights into your needs and preferences. The platform itself is an incredible home-based learning tool, and we're even considering releasing another Apple TV app in the future. The data we've gathered is now driving the development of our upcoming VR yoga app, making sure it aligns perfectly with what our followers are looking for.


Looking Forward:

We are currently hard at work developing this new VR yoga experience using the Unity engine. We can't wait to unveil what we believe will be a transformative experience in the world of mindfulness and 


We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Your feedback will be just as crucial in this next phase, so please stay tuned.


Warm regards,

BattleStaff, LLC

Christopher Cherry Jr


We Made the Launch Date

Great news, and what a beautiful start; I was a little worried for a second, just being honest.  

We thank the following yogi model talent(Amanda.F, Jamekia.L, Wendy.L), and Dr. Tasha.B for her mentorship.  

First App out the door, but may updates and Apps to come.…


So much to still Learn about App Development

So a few weeks ago the App got approved for release from Apple.However I did not release the App after I got confirmation that all was good with the submission process. I had to add some better looking screenshots of the App in use, and I did take my time to really research and made better screenshots than before. Appfigues is a good site to get some examples and good intel, sorry I’m talking like I’m back in the Army lol.

So after doing the homework I redid 90% of the screenshots, and used the entire 10 slots available to uploaded the new versions.

However of course now I know Now that even revised screenshots still have to be reviewed by the Apple App store; it does make since to me. So I had to cancel the App, reload a newer vision of the App, then add the new screenshots and then resubmit to Apple for another full review.

It’s now LaborDay and I hope they will allow it and approve the app for the 2nd time.

It always pays to do more research, even when you thought you did.

Yes, I’m still learning the process.

Chris Rookie YogiDev


App Launch is 8 September 2021

LaunchDatePY8Sept letterGraphic

Please Welcome our Yogi Journeyers; you will see them again, along with Others Soon.

It’s Ok to get a little uncomfortable; just be careful and pay attention to your body.

More to follow soon.


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My 1st Apple TV Yoga App is now Approved by the Apple App Store

My very first Apple TV App is now Approved to be Released

Wow now I’m nervous, but also happy. I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road, but I will adjust and adapt as needed.

I thank ALL my yogi sisters that assisted, and the one’s that gave me inspiration, along with my family, friends and my Brooklyn Kings Borough Homies Past and Present. And of course my Partner {T}. We will continue to move forward for the next 6 months to see how this project pans out while making small tweaks here and there.

We are Perpetual Yogis (we are students to the practice of Yoga).

App was Approved on 22Aug 2021 Release date still pending…

Stay safe, and thank you for reading this

Chris (yogiDev)

pisture of the first AppleTV showing rear connectors next to s SD sharp TV

Hello World, Yogi's, and Developers out there on the Internet

My name is Christopher Cherry, and I’m a yogi, Army Vet, and now a junior developer of Apple TV.

This is my new project (Perpetual Yogi’s) I want to present to the world, I hope you enjoy it if you are a yogi or not, or an developer or not as well.

Next step is to release this App to the Apple App Store for approval.

PY inTVDraft

We are Finally Online and Ready

picture of the apps logo in color of yellow

From Soldier to Yogi: Chronicles of Developing a Yoga App

Chris in afghanLandLWAs an Army veteran with a lifelong passion for computer technology, my entry into the world of yoga might seem unexpected. It was my wife Tasha who first introduced me to this transformative practice prior. Her influence sparked my interest, and I quickly realized the profound impact yoga could have on my life and other’s after completion of Yoga teacher training. I'm now thrilled to share this blog with you, offering a unique glimpse into the intricate process of developing a yoga app for the secind time. This narrative is framed by the perspectives of various yogis peers, each navigating their own spiritual and physical journey; additionally, to my cherished yogi community accompanying me now, I extend my heartfelt appreciation.